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Our software development services can support you in turning your idea into a working solution or just a part of this whole process. We are specialized mostly in backend solutions but, are experienced in other fields too. Our know-how consists of consulting and training also in different areas of technical knowledge.

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How we work

Discover & Gather

Through collaborative workshops, discussions with you, we learn about your goals and wishes and come up with pragmatic solutions

Design & Adapt

Design is refined until the most effective solution is achieved. We love working in agile frameworks but a good starter plan is a long-term success.

Implement & Maintain

With more than 20 years of experience in software, we identify with these key ideas: documentation for the future, continuous improvement, maintainability, testing protocols.


We can help you with

Application development

When you have a software that doesn’t fit your needs, when you want to increase your productivity: connecting more applications, integrating with existing services, letting the experts do the job, long term maintenance, technical support, for smoother workflow, saving efforts, time, and money, investment with long-term effects, brand awareness and visibility, client fidelity rate, 

Our experience: C#, Java, JS, Node, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, Linux / Windows servers, cloud services and other domains.

Dominate your competition with future-proof software​

Customer projects

  • integrate, implement software or maintenance for older systems
  • complete development and maintenance from analysis, design, architecture, implementation, update cycles, testing, deployment, support, and maintenance
  • IT management: installation, configuration, maintenance of hardware devices
  • content management for web projects: finance, content creation, price comparison, repetitive tasks, etc.
  • workflow digitalization, customer-related services, workflow automatization, digital offices, document archiving solutions, for state or private institutions

Together we develop your success

IT consulting in the following domains:

  • Data exchange
  • Application development
  • IT management
  • Software support
  • Maintenance of existing applications
  • Adoption strategies

We make your work matter more

IT Training for:

  • Support
  • Linux / Windows administration
  • software architecture, development
  • use of RM tools IBM DOORS, DOORS Next, Jazz platforms
  • Web projects maintenance
technolgies we like

Qualities of a good software

Quality of a software is a sensitive and not always clear and exact measurable feature. To make it easier to scale, here are some values, which let clients to get what they want to achieve. Anyway, User experience remains  the most important of them.

  • Functionality – are the required functions available in the software
  • Portability – how easy is to transfer the software to another environment
  • Reliability – how reliable is the software
  • Usability – is the software easy to use
  • Efficiency – how efficient is the software?
  • Maintainability – how easy is to modify the software

What does ReqEdit know?

We developed a software called ReqEdit. A tool for editing structured documents in the requirements engineering domain. The underlaying format is based on fixed data model (ReqIF), which is an industry standard in requirements management. Documents can become very large, very quickly. ReqEdit handles huge documents that can be edited effortlessly. OLE objects and images can be easily integrated and referenced. With different new add-ons, ReqEdit compiles the features of word and Excel sheets into a data-traceabile document. Data exchange between suppliers becomes seamless and without losing valuable datas.


Why do you need App development?

We are adaptable. The world demands to stay on top of trends and adopt the latest innovations in the market. A freelancer might not have the resources to keep up with the advancements.

Developing your digital product, you gain access to the latest technologies in the market. A development team tied with your product has the advantage over a freelance developer.

Our purpose is to develop digital products. We know the latest technologies in the market. As a client, you gain the benefit of your application being future-proof.

We have a dynamic approach to bridge the technology gap if you need to build an app with specific requirements.


Outside or inside?

Outsourcing your IT project you benefit of top experts in a short time, avoiding overstaffing, transparent workflow, you have the control over product development, scalable working hours on your project.

What you get with hiring your own employee?

  • deep understanding of the product
  • more additional expenses, full salary
  • more time to hire
  • quicker communication possible

Which method to use?

traditional approach takes heavy front-end planning. Before any development begins, the team does a thorough requirement analysis and plans the project out from beginning to the end. This is a predictable way. 

Advantages: plan driven, strict roles and policies

Disadvantages: larger budgets, longer first prototype, large team on a single project

An agile approach consists of no detailed planning and only clear future tasks are identified. This type is suitable for projects with dynamic changes. Development is broken into short intervals with frequent software releases, good communication between project team members is a must, customer feedback is provided throughout the entire development process, the responses are rapid and flexible at each sprint.

Advantages: quick startup, quick PoC, lower initial budget, encouraging flexible approach to save money, made up of a team with less than 10 people, conducted by medium, small companies


Which are the qualities of a good software engineer?

Skills needed to be a good Software engineer

  • analytical thinking
  • problem-solving skills
  • good communication skills
  • continuous improvement
  • perseverance
  • proactivity
  • teamworking qualities
  • good time management
  • curiosity
  • continuously learning skills

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